Crowd-Sauced: Funkin Fusion


Off the back of their Funkin Fusion cocktail competition last month, those purveyors of pre-packaged purée purity (excuse the alliteration) have released their three winning flavour combinations, which are due to hit our chilly shores some time in February.

Despite some rather well-known names involved in the comp and, we’re told, some more than decent drinks produced with the various prototype purée flavours, the most interesting aspect for us in fact remains the double-whammy of product-crowd-sourcing and disguised-market-research. Cheaper than a room full of (more) consultants, non?

And so, driven by cocktails from the winning team of Rikki Broderick, Duane Shepherd and Craig Harper, Funkin proudly give you their newest Fusion babies:

Mango, red pepper and hot pimento
Mango, calamansi, lime and lemon, and
Blackberry and vanilla.

(And don’t they look just like their dad?)

via: Drinks Int