Grandma’s Weapon Grade Ginger


What’s better than ginger beer? Why, booze and ginger beer of course. And the Dark and Stormy (one of the few legally brand-specific cocktails out there: Gosling’s Black Seal rum, bitters, lime and dumped full of spicy ginger beer) was certainly the first and long-serving favourite beverage of many a Boilermaker here in the office…

But wait: what’s better than booze and ginger? The natural answer must surely be: boozey ginger beer. And ‘natural’ is the right word.

Cornwall-brewed, fiercely fiery, unabashedly gingery, both artificial preservative and additive free, boasting a not unsubstantial 5.5% ABV (that’s almost 10% proof, if you prefer), and rendered fizzy by sheer fermenting power alone (just like an ale), Grandma’s Weapon Grade Ginger Beer is so ballsy that it’s practically stormed its way into our regular in-house ginger beer list – right beside our herbalicious Fentiman’s and favourite hangover cure, Crabbie’s. Well, at least until we perfect our own Boilermaker Ginger Beer recipe that is.

Speaking of which, it’s probably time to clear up the gingery explosion in the cellar-cum-lab-cum-brewery. Now that’s what we call weapon grade…

Source: Whealmaiden Brewery
Via: Selectism – who also make a very valid point that Grandma’s probably won’t make the best Dark and Stormy in the world. Not that somebody won’t give it a whirl one Friday evening, we’re sure.