Johnnie Walker Gift Translator


Festive viral ad campaigns. The very phrase fills us with a sense of mild disgust, anxious foreboding, and a general lack of faith in humanity. Except that this is from the boys at Johnnie Walker and BBH New York. So already it’s sure to be a belly tickler (we still love last year’s storming Robbie Carlisle tirade, which was from the ad agency’s London office).

So this Christmas, ladies and gentlemen, they proudly give you: the Johnnie Walker Gift Translator – a rather genius Facebook App in which a smooth, mildly sarcastic chap in a black turtleneck and tweed blazer (oddly reminiscent of Bill Murray’s Suntory Time crossed with a little Frasier) translates any gift you type in, telling you what it really means.

“I’ve translated them all,” The Man of Few Words croons in purest deadpan. “From a jewel-encrusted fanny-pack to a cockadoodle named Mr Fluffles.”

The branding is maintained at a tasteful level. The festivometer is cranked right up. And the mix or dark humour and jovial rib-prodding is a treat (particularly if you start typing in JW’s competitors). Good job chaps, we say. And we’re noting a strange urge to crack open that Johnnie Gold sitting in the freezer.

Damn we hate when advertising works. Even quippy virals.