Liquor Store


Clothing meets booze, bang in the heart of Manhattan. Could we be any happier?

We were recently reminded of this J Crew concept store/flagship from a couple of years back. And whilst it’s not new-news (circa 2007/2008-ish), we can’t help but find it interesting that even here, in the city of secretive speakeasies, it was a clothing store that had us salivating – and for a Rob Roy of all things. It’s a converted old Tribecca booze-shack, y’see. Filled with fabulously arranged prep-tastic attire, lashings of oak fittings, retro-inspired accessories and even a smattering of half-empty whiskies behind the bar-cum-sales counter.

“For the odd Friday,” I’m politely informed (alas, it was only a Wednesday at the time).

The space can’t help but feel like a nostalgic Ivy League frat bar – but grateful sans frat. Something from Gatsby, perhaps. But without the fruit-tipped somnolent scent of generation-layered pipe smoke. All the Liquor Store is missing, in fact, is an immense bookcase filled with leather-bound cocktail tomes, a mahogany Chesterfield and an open fireplace. And perhaps a better stocked backbar.

On a more serious, trend-conscious note: why aren’t there more spaces like this? And if they exist here in London (beyond the odd Jack Wills basement conversion), where are the buggers hiding? Surely shopping and drinking are two prime compatriots. I mean, just think how much better stores do on launches or late retail nights over a bottle or six of Prosecco…

Now that I think of it, we have been looking for a larger office here in Blighty. And damn if a bar-cum-clothing store wouldn’t have us on board faster than you can say: Make mine a 16 inch collar with a Bourbon boilermaker on the side please old bean. And we can say that particular chestnut with some well-practised pelt.

Liquor Store, 235 W. Broadway, NY 10013