Miranda Watkins: Cocktail Set


Originally commissioned for Wallpaper* Handmade, this svelte, gleaming slip of a cocktail set by Miranda Watkins is absolutely stunning (and needless to say sitting rather high on our Christmas List).

Consisting of a shaker, matching pair of martini tumblers (sic) and a tray, the made-to-order kit is beautifully constructed of mirror-finished pewter and cork – two traditional materials applied to greatly contemporary effect. And with all those sharp, modernist lines and elegant, soft curves, the aesthetic reminds of a sort of futuristic louchenesss. Star Trek does Playboy, I’m thinking. (Jean-Luc Heffner anyone?)

And whilst it’s hardly designed to survive a busy night in a working West End cocktail joint (you just try fitting a hawthorne on that bad-boy thermos/shaker), that the set has been included in both Dezeen’s new Temporium pop-up and now the V&A’s permanent collection (presumably as part of The Art of Drinking, alongside that gorgeous 30s’ Bel Geddes shaker/jug) is certainly a rather serious feather in the cap of design-savvy alcophilia. Or alco-savvy design. Or else it could simply mean that we’re all just a bunch of drunken aesthetes at heart.

via: Contemporist