With a little financial involvement from (and related stylistic nod to) top Dutch vodka house Ketel One, Soho’s celebrated Quo Vadis bar is gaining a little sister. Well, not so much a sister, perhaps, as mildly re-vamped appendage.

Standing just beside the snazzy restaurant, the separately monikered QV Bar (see what they did there) will be manned by the inimitable Paul Mann to help bring a little of the upstairs members’ bar magic to the cocktail-loving multitude. Or at least those otherwise unwilling to drop £500 per year for the privilege of its classy embrace.

Expect a smattering of burnished copper (a nod to Ketel One’s iconic alembic copper pot stills) and a slim selection of the delightful Mann-ish beverages that have so enamoured the club’s members. And if  you’re ever in the area, do add this to your ‘To Drink’ list – though probably just one or two before heading on.

So Soho grows another top notch cocktail drop-in. Is this the beginning of a West End Renaissance, we can’t help but wonder? Well we certainly know where we’d lay our money on that bet.

QV launches January 5th, 2011
26-29 Dean Street, London, W1D 3LL
020 7437 9585