What To Pack?


The charming chaps over at Details just published an easy-going guide that falls rather close to our hearts.

Whether you’re a photographer, bartender, novelist or general homme du monde, getting one’s carry-on luggage (as opposed to Carry On Cleo?) down pat, is a vital skill in today’s international age. Particularly given the Hold Luggage Fascists that guard certain airport gates (yes we mean  you, Herr Queue-Forming Bag-Measurer in Berlin).

And whilst we might disagree with one or two points (wear the chunky cardigan and ditch the POS, for example; thus allowing space for a superior camera and the compulsory Bitter Truth Travel Kit for those on-board martinis), their guide to packing the perfect necessaries is nevertheless a distinctly handy reference.

Or you could just follow the Perrier Jouet chaps and pack the limited edition Dandy Bag of essentials (pictured) instead. Of course, you’ll have to consume the bubbles pre-boarding. But when was that ever an issue?

Source: Details and The Luxury