Absolut Milk


On the whole, the new Absolut Blank campaign had us. The video is rather back-of-neck pricklingly inspirational (as brand shorts go); the name a stroke of genius given their previous series of punning campaigns. So all in all top marks.

But then the cats over at Fubiz flagged this series of pieces by Düsseldorf-based artist, Jørn. And I’m sad to say that Absolut Blank just dropped a creative notch. Immediately.

Absolut, Jack Daniels, Jägermeister – all re-packaged as old-school milk cartons? We’d order a few of those in any bar, that’s for sure. Assuming they weren’t needy premix offerings. And not just because the look damn sexy – but also because milk is good for you, right? Especially with a kiss of something stronger… What do you reckon?

Source: Jørn
Via: Fubiz
Also: Selectism