Absolut x Gareth Pugh


Sometimes brand collaborations get it right. And sometimes they absolutely don’t. Which then is this?

You already know how fond we were of Absolut Blank (and that, we cross our dram-tinged heart, shall be the last time we mention the campaign. Honest). On the flipside, however, we were thoroughly unconvinced (offended? repulsed?) by that frankly hideous red sequined beast of a Masquerade bottle-cover they hit us with a few years back. But this – this is just so weird as to actually be kind of genius. Probably.

It’s a bat. A Gareth Pugh bat. But it’s also a bottle. Crazy.

No, it’s not practical. No, it’s probably not even that aesthetically attractive. But you’ve got to admit that it certainly has something. So all in all: good job, Absolut. You’ve just pushed the bottle-collab envelope out there considerably – or rather: you’ve unfolded it, daubed it in gloss black, rendered it mildly terrifying, and used it as a bottle adornment. Whatever will you do next?

Source: Diane Pernet
Via: High Snobiety