Anti-Drunk Pill


We’ve been engaged here at The Boilermaker with a bit of a project to chart every single alcoholic (and caffeinated) beverage that passes out lips, every single day. The logic is that, after 12 months or so, the statistical results will be a field-day for some cute data viz, a little Social Alcohological discovery, and no doubt a shot or two of self-critique. Or we could just take this and be done with it…

Behold The Anti-Drunk Pill. A gift to frat boy and professional alcoholic alike, the premis is simple enough: take the pill; drink as much as you like; stay sober. Boom! as they are wont to say.

So, assuming it hits market in the proposed 3-4 years, are we on the verge of the alcoholic equivalent of the 1960s sexual revolution, born (forgive the pun) by the release of the contraceptive pill? Or will it just yield the swarm of drunk rich boys who can afford it for the first few decades before seeding slowly into the affordable mainstream? Either way. It certainly puts a different focus on our first humble Soc Alc research programme. Not to mention the state of our kidneys.

Source: ABC
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