Brooklyn Vodka & SF Cocktails


As Gaz Regan attested in last week’s SF Gate article, New York has a long (and frankly rather delicious) history of lending its name to cocktails. The less-than-humble Manhattan, the Williamsburg, Redhook, Little Italy, Greenpoint… That’s a lot of honour. And now to cap it all off, the latest state-proud creation is Brooklyn Republic Vodka, apparently small batch-distilled within the local environs of Dumbo and not six million miles from our old friends at the Brooklyn Brewery.

That this news hit almost simultaneously to Gaz Regan’s call to city-proud San Fransiscan arms from the other side of the continent strikes us as somewhere between odd and fortuitous. And whichever way his pro-SF drinks comp leans, we’re looking forward to being able to drink ever more of America in our glass.

Source: BKR
Via: NY Barfly

Source: SFGate