Campari x Romero Britto


Perhaps it’s our fickle longing for warmer climes, for a land and time where gents lounge in panamas and freshly pleated slacks, ladies in flowing white skirts and wide brimmed hats, where the evenings are endless and cast in the golden hue of a low, long summer sun.

Or maybe it’s more our mild addiction for aperitifs and digestifs (there’s a charming debate over Campari’s classification here). Or just alcohol in general. Ho-hum.

Well regardless, this, the fourth bottle in Campari’s limited edition label run, sees the Brazilian artist Romero Britto follow in the footsteps of AVAF, Tobias Rehberger and Vanessa Beacroft to help celebrate the Italian aperitif’s 150th anniversary. It’s bright and bold. The red heart is a fabulous touch. And it’s sure to be a regular on any forthcoming Boilermaker meals al fresco (where it would look quite dashing in our bicycle bottle holder no doubt).