Celery Slipper


We’re generally against pushing cocktail recipes here at The Boilermaker. Mainly because there are at least a billion-and-six such resources out there on the web already. And yet, as the sun strikes our office window (read: ‘the local bar’), we can’t help but think this brief recipe video on the Small Screen Network deserves your attention. (Unless you’re one of those people who thinks celery is pointless.)

So, yes, the good Mr Bodreau does open the video like a fully-fledged US TV host (“Hello and welcome to Raising The Bar. I’m Jamie Boudreau…”).

And yes, he does actually utter the phrase: “Oh wow. That screams ‘spring’.”

But you know what? We don’t care. This simple, different, ‘fresh’ recipe (apparently originally by Vancouver’s Chris Stearns) sounds mouth-watering enough that we’re heading straight back to the other-bar-we-call-home to whip up a Celery Slipper for tonight’s teatime tipple. Albeit most probably with a sly vodka-for-gin switcheroo. But that’s just us… Chin chin!

Source: Small Screen Network