Coffee Common


The burgeoning world of coffee and its modern champions – charmingly perfectionist/anal baristas and roasters for the most part – has a lot it could teach the bar world. Their passion and openness; their care; even their demographic breadth…And this is a perfect example.

Despite being erstwhile industry competitors, a selection of caffeine craftsmen have formed a respectable collective called Coffee Common, coming together with the singular goal “to proselytize the simple truths” of great, not merely good, coffee. Oh yes, and to bring all the fascinating development within the coffee realm to none other than TED 2011. If only the rest of the drinks world could be so open and directional…

Here at The Boilermaker, we are firm believers in the spread of knowledge and awareness of fine cocktails, spirits, beers and yes even coffee to as wide a caring and respectful audience as possible. And activists and collectives like this always reaffirm our faith that we’re not just drunken fantasists.

Source: Coffee Commons