Crown Maple Syrup


It’s not often we use the word ‘sexy’ when talking about pancakes but – when it comes to a certain New York maple syrup that’s been beautifully packaged like this, resembling a rich, mouth-watering bourbon – who are we kidding?

Tell me you don’t just want to pour this (in cinematic slow motion) all over a piping hot stack of fluffy American-style pancakes, scattered with fresh seasonal fruits – or bacon, if that’s your thing (should that be ‘thang’?). Speaking of bacon: a bacon fat-washed bourbon (or pecan-washed even), sweetened with a wee trickle of this and widened with a dash of aromatic bitters? Oh go on then. With the woodgrain texture on the bottle’s side, we’re even thinking something barrel-aged wouldn’t go too far amiss.

Oh my, the possibilities! And all this, because someone (Studio MPLS, as it happens) thought to do a little sensitive/inspiring packaging. Which just goes to show: you may not be able to judge a book by its cover; but you can certainly be inspired by it.

Source: Crown Maple Syrup
Via: MPLS Studio