Data Viz: World Class 2011


Recently returned from this year’s Diageo international bartender competition, World Class, it’s hard to convey the sheer scale and, for those participating, the excitement, energy and importance that the competition embodies. Or, at least it was. Commissioned for this year’s World Class and created by our humble selves and designer Ben McQueen, take a peek at this delightfully intense infographic explaining just how much goes into finding the best bartender in the world.

Something crazy like 32 of the world’s top bartending talent, each already having proven their worth through intense national rounds, then brought to bear on a single city where they are challenged over four long, long, long days of competition designed to test every aspect required of a global champion barkeep. And then the event itself: 7250 kg of ice (crushed, cubed and block). 1038 lemons, 3840 dashes of bitters, 285 bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label (now in its sexy new packaging)… And judged by the likes of Peter Dorelli, Gaz Regan, the legendary Ueno-San and more, the atmosphere is always electric, the camaraderie inspirational, the competition intense, and of course the celebrations epic.

Enjoy and perhaps even appreciate. And maybe now you’ll get why my ticket is already booked for next year. 2009: London. 2010: Athens. 2011: New Delhi. 2012…? Well, for that you’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Download the full infographic here

World Class 2011 infographic