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Mobile bars might not be anything new, per se. But this is pushing the transportable drinkery to a whole new level…

The beautiful vintage Hendrick’s car still brings a memorable, gin-twinged smile wherever it rolls. Alex Kammerling has been popping up at various London locations in typical guerrilla marketing-style on his Kammerling’s ice-cream bike. We’ve had food trucks aplenty. And there’s that curious young chap who wanders the parks of East London on summer days selling homemade (and surprisingly not entirely unpleasant) mojitos from a plastic bakery tray (the slots perfectly supporting a plastic cup – who knew?).

But this… Well, this blows all that clean out the water. By a mile. And then some.

The Woody has been designed by Interior Designer Brad Ford, with consultancy input from everyone’s favourite Jim Meehan, for leather artisans Moore and Giles (the same pairing that yielded the now iconic Meehan Bar Roll-Up). It’s like the ultimate mobile cocktail bar: near-gargantuan sinks for crushed and cubed ice, shelving for glassware, its own back bar (of sorts), an in-built beer tap (strictly craft, natch), separate storage for shakers, playing cards and poker chips… And it’s on wheels.

Created to honour the World AIDS Day in December, The Woody will also be auctioned off as part of the DIFFA event to celebrate 30 years of battling AIDS and HIV. And until then, this beautiful beast of a bar-caravan (a baravan?) will be touring the US at a variety of events. Click below to keep tracks on this baby. And if you end up bidding for it: best of luck.

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