As much sticklers for a beautiful bottle as the glorious contents therein, this new Eukranian brandy has been flirting with us online since first we laid eyes.

It was the label’s elegance and ballsy, old-school forthrightness which caught our eye first… But the conscious consideration of the bottle as travel companion is a really nice touch – and one sure to be appreciated by international alophiles (such as ourselves) aplenty.

“The general idea was to present new product for Ukrainian market — brandy. We used Jules Verne’s stories for general theme and concept of adventure. This particular label was hand-drawn to show hand-made aesthetics. And slightly old-print style with artificially made bleeding and press gain. The shape of bottle was made considering the fact, that people buy drink during travel; and this bottle fits well any suitcase or back pack.”

The question, now, is what’s the liquid like inside? And where can we get our eager hands on some here in the UK?

Source: Motto
Via: Lovely Package