Gucci Rubber Moccasins


For us, one of the most soul-trying aspects to working behind the bar were those Friday nights. The ones where everything goes wrong – the dishwasher backs up; the sink blocks; the booking for 5 becomes a booking for 50; the bar owner’s mistress turns up while he’s downstairs with his wife (true story … more than once); your barback comes down with malaria (also happened) and the bar floor turns into an inch-deep bog. Sort of like a biblical apocalypse on a self-contained scale. Hurricanes, floods, the whole nine yards.

But the worst thing about all of that, when you finally sat down with your Mexican beer and tequila come the end of the night, was the rotten state of your lovely, practical-but-not-unattractively-so brogues…

We loved when those Alexandre Herchcovitch x Melissa rubber brogues arrived (salvation! we were promised: waterproof and stylish). Sadly, when the Melissa men’s versions finally turned up a year or two later, they just didn’t translate. Ho hum. But now Gucci (of all people) have come to the rescue, with these Gucci rubber loafers – and they’re rather perfect. And yes, you read that correctly: Gucci. Rubber. Loafers. Equally perfect whether you’re battling a Friday night apocalypse or just cycling about town in this cryptic, will-it-won’t-it summer we’re having here in London.

Rain? Sun? Thunderstorms? Four Horsemen? All of the above? Who cares! For I have my Gucci rubber loafers. And all is well and good in the world.

Source: Gucci
Via: High Snobiety