Have Bike Will Drink


Rule #313 of Gentlemanly Conduct: Thou shalt not drive a motor car, especially within the city limits – it is both detrimental to the environment and frankly rather aesthetically crass. (Unless one is piloting an elegant Bugatti, bien sur, in which case all bets are off.)

What then is a chap to do on those warm summer picnic days that I’m reassured Blighty does indeed play host to on occasion?

Thankfully, Etsy has the answer. Two in fact. The first a bicycle-friendly luggage option designed specifically for a wine bottle (thou we’re sure a spot of Lillet or Aperol would no doubt fit) ; the second, less specifically and more by chance, for one of those cardboard-handled American-style six-packs of beer.

So, until our friendly welder finishes our patented The Boilermaker bicycle bar, we cannot recommend these enough for a balmy afternoon of drink-cycling.

Source: Etsy
Via: Dizzy Fizz