How To Be A Gentleman


Not content with providing gorgeous attire, a sharp newsletter, enjoyable video interviews and, let’s face it, a rather genius name, Mr Porter is now in the game of giving advice. Well, the advice is actually coming from John Bridges and his inimitable collection of Gentleman’s guides – at least one of which the website is now carrying. Good job, Mr P, we clamour heartily. From whom else other than Mr Bridges could one possibly pick up such useful social nuggets as:

“When a gentleman is at the table, in a private home, or in a house of worship, he removes his hat – whether it is a felt fedora, a 10-gallon Stetson, or a baseball cap.”

“A gentleman always carries a handkerchief, and is ready to lend it, especially to a weeping lady, should the need arise.”

“When introducing a man and a woman, a gentleman always introduces the man to the woman. For example, he says, ‘Irma, I’d like you to meet Fred Blastich. He works in our Sioux City office.'”

“In all events, a gentleman never forgets the intention of ‘r.s.v.p.’ Neither does he forget his responsibility to say thank you at the end of a lovely evening.”

“When a gentleman is hosting an event, he always sends out written invitations, at least 10 days before the response date listed on the invitation. … If he chooses to use e-mail to invite people for drinks, or some other clever, off-the-cuff event, he will be wise to follow up with a phone call.”

This timely guide to timeless manners is on the site now for £35, should an etiquette-sized hole in your bookshelf or indeed a desire to throw an “off-the-cuff event” be a-calling.

Source: John Bridges
Via: Mr Porter