Jack Daniels 160th Anniversary


Who doesn’t look better in black? Darth Vader, Coco Chanel, Johnny Cash, 1950s feds…

Celebrating what would be the 160th birthday of a certain Mr Jack Daniels, the Tennessee Whiskey house recently released this rather svelte limited edition bottle en noir. And while we’ve never really gotten these “let’s celebrate what would have been his birthday (was he still alive)” marketing exercises, we’re also longstanding fans of some of the JD brigade’s finer limited edition runs.

So, if you’re gonna stock some of the regular batch #7 in your saloon, well then it may as well be this mysterious black version. Coupled with the recent Gareth Pugh collaboration with Absolut, we have to wonder at this trend for noir. And we all know anything lim-ed is usually worth the investment (we’ve already spotted a couple of bottles of this on a certain auction site fetching twice their RRP) so whether it’s to sink or sell, you’d better be quick as stocks are already dropping…

Source: Jack Daniels
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