Jack Daniel’s Letterpress


With a delicious spat of fine whisk(e)y-based videos currently doing the rounds (we draw your attention to Joachim Black’s mini-epics for Chivas Regal), there’s nevertheless something rather special about this number from (or for) the folks at Jack Daniel’s.

The ever-attractive trait of craftsmanship (both in content and delivery), golden whisky oranges and reds, traditional letterpress, an engaging (and human and brief) narrative,  silky smooth focus-pulls and dreamy camera panning – and of course just a dash of booze.

Jack Daniel’s No. 5 might not be the finest of high-end whiskies – but then, that’s never been it’s attraction, now has it? Regardless, one really does have to give up a certain respect for their defined and continually spot-on aesthetic and their recent celebratory panache.

Source: Aggrodesign
Via: Selectism