John Gertsen x TED


In his TED x Cambridge talk, John Gertsen – the illustrious bartender and alco-historian – encourages us not to think just outside the box … but outside the glass.

“The humble bowl of punch… Punch is the opportunity to forget about watching your bartender flex his muscles, and shake perfect ice cubes and have some fun. That’s already done. You walk in. You ladle a little bit out. Somebody has a little cup.

Punch is the real deal. Punch allows us to take the focus away from what’s in the glass.”

From Betsy Flannegan and mindful bartending (a subject dear to Gaz Regan’s heart), to the kind of pure social alcohology that is so dear to our own, this is definitely one to spend ten enjoyable minutes on – whichever side of the stick you regularly frequent.

“As human beings, how do we learn to do anything? … We get together. … This is society. This is what the bar is about.”

Source: Ted x Cambridge
Via: Design Verb