London Cocktail Week


London Cocktail Week – or LCW, pronounced: ‘Luck-Wee’ or ‘Look-War’ (depending on gender?), to its closest pals – is back in town for its second year. And we’re so excited that our palates are already a-tingle; our livers a-twitching; our brains a-flicker with the impending flavour overload.

‘Why such fervent joy?’ you rightly ask. Well basically it comes down to timing. Tales of the Cocktail, long the icon has surely reached its peak, attained the summit of success in balancing the debauched fun and games beloved of bar-folk with the requirements and regulation of brands and institutions and the necessities of an ever-growing following. A victim of its own success? Hardly. But fast reaching its prime? I have heard several ardent TOTC-ers suggest that perhaps that is so…

Which brings us neatly to LCW. Having learned from last year’s inaugural launch the lessons of capacity and attendance control, now sufficiently established as to have the world’s leading brands and bars clamouring for involvement, but still young enough to get away with the fun and mischief that will make it so memorable, we have a feeling that this year is going to be one for the books. And that’s why we’re so excited.

If you are one of the unfortunates who can’t make it, do keep your eyes peeled for our Recovery Round-Up in a week’s time. And if you are going to be in the proverbial ‘hood, then you’re most likely to find us meandering about, camera in one hand, beverage in another, at such events as:

• the Cocktails of London tasting that kicks the whole thing off at Selfridge’s in a few hours;
• the Arette Masterclass;
The Whisky Show;
• Andrew Campana’s Homemade Cocktails;
• Erik Lorincz’s Museum of Cocktails at The Savoy;
• Hendrick’s Gin’s Unusual Emporium;
• The ‘Libations; Sure To Cure’ presentation on medical applications of booze throughout history;
• the highly anticipated Legends Mastermind (do they really know what they’re talking about?);
• a ‘Tea & Talk’ with the ever-charming Alex Kammerling;
• or just blathering on, pleasantly tipsy on a bus somewhere (technically they call them ‘Cocktail Tours’, but we know a tippling wagon when we see one)…

London Cocktail Week launches today. So do come and say hullo.

Source: London Cocktail Week