Lucky Peach


After all the discussion, debate and general culinary rumour-mongering, you’d be entirely forgiven for feeling a touch jaded about Lucky Peach, the new gastro quarterly from David Chang. Surely by now we have heard everything about it after all: the big name guests, the ramen focus, the iPad/print double-whammy, the cheeky triple-entendre (‘Momofuku’, Chang’s restaurant, translates to English as ‘Lucky Peach’ – neat hook number one – but is also the name of the man who actually invented the ramen noodle).

But then you know all this already. So what reason, then, to reign in the boredom?

Well, because tomorrow is June 22nd: Christmas Day (of sorts). The day that Lucky Peach finally hits the shelves. And suddenly, paf! All that cynicism? Gone. Race you to the newsstand, chaps!

Source: Momofuku
Via: WSJ