Mahiki Coconut Rum


When it comes to summer drinking, there are, in our humble opinion, three key drink routes one should follow. Namely:

1. The Anglo-American Chuck-It-In-There  – cups, smashes, juleps, Pimm’s, Mojitos, etc.

2. Italo-Mediterranean Bitters – aperitifs, amaros, Aperol, Campari, Negronis, etc.

3. Tiki/Beach Spectacles – Mai Tais, Piña Coladas, even Tequila Snow Cones.

Now all of these have their time and place. And as much as we perhaps should prefer the former two if only for their ‘gentlemanly simplicity’… there are times when anything less than a thick, clean, enormous Piña Colada, served in a hollowed out pineapple with a lit sparkler on top, and some classic reggae on the box would be frankly rude.

And where once the battle for Coconut Rum (a worthy ingredient in any Piña Colada) was once fought between Malibu (hold that impulsive grimace: nothing wrong with it) and Koko Kanu (our old staple). Now Papa Jules and his growing stable of Mahiki Rums are in on the game. And given how well they do that Tiki thing that they do, it’s probably one to add to the collection toute suite– before the summer ends entirely.

Source: Mahiki Coconut