More School, More Booze


Warning: this post might get a little academic. But then that’s okay because it will probably also get more drunk. You see, according to the US-based Bureau of Labor Statistics, the higher your level of education the more you spend on booze.

Now, we might find this interesting because, as any good modern gentleman, we have an unassailable passion for books and booze (although not always in that order). Or it might be because we’ve been involved in some research lately into the correlation between drinking trends and various socio-historic factors…

Should that sort of thing tickle your proverbial fancies in the slightest, be sure to have a read down through the comments section on Think Progress for an interesting debate about the overbearing simplicity of the reductive correlation between education and alcohol expenditure. For example: if higher education also correlates to higher average income, then what if the amount spent on drink is in fact just proportional to income? Or perhaps it’s just that ‘smarter’ folk really do spend more on drinking? And what if, as one commentator mentions, there’s some kind of relationship between education and religion, which in turn comes to bear on drinking practices?

It’s murky ground, this alco-statistical business. Almost enough to turn a man to drink.

Source: Think Progress