NYC Cocktail Week


After the success of last year’s inaugural London Cocktail Week, it comes as little surprise the La Grande Pomme wants one of its own. With Tales (both Of The Cocktail and On Tour), International Restaurant Weeks and Bar Shows galore, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the world had institutional booze-ups aplenty. Yet, for some strange reason, the NYC Cocktail Week (June 15-29) has our curiosity¬†genuinely piqued and palates keen.

Perhaps it’s because of the class of establishments involved: Death & Co, Employees Only, Pegu Club, Ward III, and almost a dozen more. Perhaps it’s because of the proportion of proceeds that are going towards both City Harvest and the Museum of the American Cocktail.

Sure it lacks some of the talks and workshops of our London version. But from little acorns grow great (Sazerac-sipping) oaks, n’est pas?