Rogue Territory Handkerchief


There are many things the contemporary gent doesn’t do enough, these days: wear ties, say thank-you, walk road-side of a lady, hold doors, tip hats, smile – why, a veritable swathe of minor, modern sleights. But none is sadder – so rendered by both its diminutive proportions and utter simplicity – than the humble hanky. From mopping iced julep cups to cleansing a lady’s tears, the humble kerchief is (or at least once was and forever should be) indispensable.

Thankfully, the boys at Rogue Territory are on the case. Take this svelte wee number on display above: 8oz Japanese selvedge hickory denim, for under thirty new American dollars. And it’s a thing of beauty.

An elegantly simple solution, some might say, to an inelegantly simple problem. We say: we’ll take two, please and thank you good sirs. (Now was that so hard?)

Source: Rogue Territory
Via: Selectism