Sharp and Dapper


For the active gentleman, staying sharp throughout the day can be tough business. Sigh. What with all that cocktail-shaking, hound-walking and other such rigorous gentlemanly pursuits, what is a chap to do to help keep all one’s tails and turns in place?

The problem of keeping shirtcuffs at sufficient visibility beyond one’s blazer requires only a pair of arm bands (or even a good tailor should do the trick). But how to keep the oft-straying shirt tucked below the safety line of one’s waistband is a much more difficult dilemma. Ask anyone who’s had to cycle behind a sweaty, disheveled after-work financier on a Boris-bike. Or even a derriere-wielding barback on a busy Friday night…

What they – and quite possibly you – really need are these: Sharp and Dapper. The name says it all. Discrete, effective, they connect sock to shirt-tail, shirt-tail to sock, and keep you looking sharp and tidy no matter what larks you get into. Although it should be noted that you do, however, look a tad like a slightly terrifying fetishist when sans pantalons – but company by that hour should be more forgiving. One hopes at least.

Source: Sharp and Dapper