Shoe Town to Brew Town


Staunch advocates of alcohol’s positive social role (as a simple point: how many of you have met the love of your life over a glass of the good stuff? More than a handful, we’d wager), Shoe Town to Brew Town is an excellent example of the positive power of Bacchus’ gift. (Certainly a very different approach than simply plastering Drink Responsibly at the bottom of an advert – not that that’s a strictly bad thing, per se…)

Held this evening, in a brewery no less (Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg, NY), their release reads:

“Shoe Town to Brew Town: Craft Brewing Meets Green Development – A Forum over Food & Drink

If we want to transform our industrial ecology, what better place to start than by encouraging the spread of small local breweries? Join us for a fun and informed discussion of how breweries can be the centerpiece of a sustainable regional development plan. Attendees will include craft brewers, green designers and many others. The inimitable green scientist Paul Mankiewicz of the Gaia Institute will start things off with the story of what Louis Pasteur found while working with beer and wine microbes. The rest is up to you!

Source: Shoe Town to Brew Town
Via: Fast Company