Speakeasy iPad Book


The world of cocktail and alcohol literature moves on strange tides.

PDT‘s illustrious Jim Meehan and Little Branch‘s Joseph Schwartz – a pair of rather talented barkeeps, internationally renowned for what can only be described as retrophilic alco-tendencies – have released a new tome for the education and enjoyment of the professional bartender entitled Speakeasy Cocktails. But, despite all their historical propensities, it’s entirely digital, replete with user interaction, embedded video demonstrations – all that techno-jazz. Not a sheet of paper or handwritten note in sight.

Elsewhere we have spoken of the unification of the two faces of modern cocktail-making: the scientific and the historic, experimental and classic. And right here is one direction where we definitely see this unification heading. Although… if this shift towards digitalization does continue, then who knows how our future cocktail-creating generations will be able to dig up, dust down and cherish their now ‘vintage’ reference manuals in the way we have with recipe tomes of yore… But then again: that, at least for the moment, is their problem and thankfully not ours. So for now, good work gents. And here’s to the future.

Source: Open Air Pub