Suitcase Liquor Cabinet


We’ve mentioned before how important travelling (and travelling well) is for us here at The Boilermaker. But if on the off chance one of those limited edition Perrier Jouet Dandy Bags was neither lim-ed nor boozey enough for the tipsy homme du monde, then try this for a solution.

Take one vintage suitcase, scavenged from an authentic Brooklyn flea market; convert it into a bona fide, wall-mountable back-bar; and round it off with cherry oak-stained shelving, a selection of glassware including five 17oz glass flasks, vintage-style travel tags for labels, and a lockable secret compartment that’s just perfect for your gentlemanly hip flask.

At $225 with free delivery in NYC, this had better be snapped up before we’re next in the US or I will be sorely disappointed…

Source: Etsy
Via: Thrillist