Takeaway Tequila Snow Cones!


Exclamation marks are for the most part verboten here at The Boilermaker. And rightly so. But this is one of those rare and beautiful posts entirely deserving of such enthusiastically unbridled punctuation. After all:

Takeaway Tequila Snow Cones, baby!

There we were, mildly titilated by the promise of Gola – Indian syrup-slathered ice cones – as part of the Festival of Britain on London’s Southbank (doubly so because of the way they’re quaintly sidestepping all the obvious colonial inferences involved in having a ’60s Bombay Beach Bar as part of such patriotic celebrations). And then, paf! Blown out the water by Cascabel Taqueria in NYC’s Upper East Side.

Takeaway Tequila Snow Cones: hip flasks for the modern, disposable paper-cup generation? We certainly hope so.

Source: Cascabel Taqueria
Via: Urbandaddy
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