Tokyo Bay DIY Watch


There’s no excuse for being late – whether it’s for a shift behind the stick or a drink with friends. Of course, we of all people appreciate how much easier that’s said than done.

Eternal fans of both looking sharp and revelling in the glow of self-sufficiency, it is rare that we stumble upon such an ideal gift for ourselves (excepting that tasty limited-edition Albert Walker Macallan, naturally) that equally combines form with function. But this little DIY number from Tokyo Bay takes the punctual biscuit.

Two thoroughly en vogue military-style watch faces, four different 20mm straps (including traditional leather and some NATO-esque nylon, in case you prefer that prep-tastic/armed-forces/nautical look) and enough tools, spare batteries, and doo-hickies to keep you chronologically occupied for life. And on time. All for $210.

Source: Tokyo Bay
Via: Valet