Unlike London Bar Guide


Here at The Boilermaker, we like to drink. In fact, we’re kind of proud of our (entirely manageable, thankyouverymuch) propensity for the bottle.

It’s perhaps little wonder, then, that we’re so often asked: Where’s the best spot for a drink? Where are London’s top cocktails and finest barkeeps? And where is our favourite morning-after brunch?

Here, then, in a single two minutes and 55 seconds of video are some of our favourite drinkeries in this fair city, from the Experimental Cocktail Club to 69 Colebrooke Row and ZTH. And if that’s enough to make you thirsty, well now you know where to find us. (Note: the full guide we did, complete with all the venues and their information is also online here: London Bars with Addie Chinn.)

Source: Unlike City Guides