Urban Fog


While there might not be much novel about an East London tea pop-up in and of itself, Urban Fog offers something very different indeed. Whether its the ghostly semi-opaque walls that shape the space, the rich architectural sensibilities behind them, or that they’re collaborating with Tina We Salute You (a local Boilermaker favourite), either way this gets The Boilermaker thumbs-up.

“Urban Fog is a site specific response to a derelict, walled and hidden pocket of empty space in Dalston. It is also wider investigation into the idea of enclosure, transparency, and thresholds. The proposal teams up with a local cafe TinaWeSaluteYou, to create a temporary 3 week art installation and tea house; echoing both local culture of transient art and the hidden nature of the site.

The installation utilises the depth of the long enclosed site to create a series of thresholds of occupation. The long trajectory of the space is seen as a journey for the body and the eye, like a series of foggy cinematic frames capturing increasing levels of private space. Like entering a lost cloud which has temporarily come to rest in this urban void, figures appear and disappear within the depth of the space and become distorted through light and shadow.”

Source: Urban Fog
Via: SuperFuture