Vodkafest: An Apology


Sigh. You know there’s something awry in the world when people can’t take a joke… Especially when the majority of these aforementioned folk drink for a living.

Back on April 1st (as though that wasn’t hint enough), Ian ‘self-proclaimed Rum Ambassador’ Burrell posted an invitation to Vodkafest on Facebook:

“Over 10,000 people attended last year and sampled some of the best tasting VODKA’s in world. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the best spirit festival exhibiting the BEST SPIRIT IN THE WORLD !!!! Forget all that brown waste molasses product crap. Get rid of that Juniper infused bullshit! “Burnt Wine” juice will only give you a headache. Whiskey doesn’t know if it is coming or going!!! It’s all about the 47 times filtered and 33 times distilled pure spirit filtered through Madonna’s panties that will make you look coooooool in ALL night clubs around the world ! It’s all about the bling baby. Ask the world’s greatest Vodka Mixologist..Puff (Sean Coombes, P Diddy) Daddy…Ya feel me !!! And If you don’t know, you know…Sippers !”

Well, now it turns out that not only did a small bunch of individuals take mild offense, but, according to the Rum Ambassador himself,

“four people … actually turned up to my bar looking for the made up event [and] decided that they would drink one of the most expensive rums on my back bar with coke and in a Mojito.”

To these four illustrious gents and their vodka-loving brethren, the humble Mr Burrell has just published a most heart-warming apology over at Imbibe. Well, sort of humble and sort of heart-warming.

Take a read for your fine selves.

Source: Imbibe

Source: Vodkafest