Work Beer


What’s not to love about Work Beer? Especially on a Monday morning?

Delightful retro packaging. Stylish liquid socialism. Some rather smart design details (note the branded hammer – genius –and adorable “Amount Earned” label on the back of each bottle). And then there’s the charming brand story:

“We were sitting on our usual stools, quaffing our usual beers. But this was not an ordinary day, for we had a revelation: We had become dissatisfied with this beer. This is the same beer that Management drinks! We deserve better! We work hard. We’ve earned it! Whereupon a great cheer went up among the mighty throng of workers assembled, right before the bartender cut us off.


We believe that the worker is a special breed who deserves a special beer. If you can answer “Yes” to the question “Did you earn it?” you have earned the right to drink WORK Beer.”

Via: The Dieline