WSJ: The Peat Racer


Thus far, we have been loathe to enter the cocktail recipe fray – mostly because there are several highly talented individuals who do that more than well enough. If it ain’t broke don’t drink it, and all that.

But… ever in search of the ultimate boilermaker (the beer-plus-sprit pairings that give this site its name), we’re going to start collating our favourites as we find them. That way everyone can share some beer-and-a-shot love – or at least we can find them easier. So here’s a simple two-parter from the WSJ to start things rolling: a smokey beaut that balances the salty, peaty strength of Laphroig with the softer bitterness of an IPA, care of MateVeza’s Jim Woods:

“12 ounces Racer 5 IPA
1 ounce Laphroaig scotch

Pour beer into glass and, using a bar spoon, carefully float the Laphroaig on top.

Yes, there are many who think it’s sacrilege to mix scotch with anything, but I don’t think those guys have ever tried this cocktail. The smokiness and salinity of the Laphroaig mixed with the bitterness of the IPA is unforgettable. Be sure to float the scotch. If you don’t, it gets lost in the beer.

Source: WSJ