170 Year Old Beer


Whisky from the future. Now beer from the past. The cynic in us would dearly love to dismiss the work of those Finnish scientists and brewers who are busily recreating a 170 year old beer from remains found in a long-sunken ship. After all, is this not revivalism gone mad? How much, really, can you learn from a bottle that’s been sat at the bottom of the sea for almost two centuries?

But then, the alcoholgist within would much rather bid said inner-cynic silent, and reach instead for an opener to crack into this ancient brew (that is, once it finally emerges from the lab to see the light of day).

Besides, 170 years isn’t really that old in beer years. Not when you consider that the good chaps over at Trumans are recreating beers from the archives of a brewery that harks back to the mid 17th century. And they’re pretty darn tasty. Although, to be fair, theirs weren’t found lurking on a seabed off the coast of Finland.

Source: Reuters
Via: Chorus+Echo