50 Ways To Open Your Beer


While we could probably muster something to say about how entirely inspirational this work of beer-art is, it’s probably better to let the video speak for itself…

A motorcycle, a brick, a belt buckle while still being worn, a skateboard, a log, a rake, a forearm and belly button, a slice of pizza, a nail gun… Hell, there’s even a sheep’s skull getting in on the brew-opening spree. Oh yes, and lest we forget what must be one of the best uses of a first generation iPod we’ve seen in a good few years.

Alas, the chaps over at Kegworks got to the Paul Simon gag first (good work, gents):

Remember that Paul Simon song, “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”? This video is just like that except replace “Leave” with “Open” and “Your Lover” with “Your Beer” (although we totally get it if you think of beer as your lover).

Source: Chris Summers
Via: Kegworks