Age Your Own Whiskey


The internet can be a wide and sprawling landscape sometimes. And within that, all too often more wild, untamed jungle than neatly manicured woodland. Nevertheless, how on Earth did we miss this late last year?

In addition to distilling their own whiskey wares for their North American brethren, Washington-based distillery, Woodinville, are giving their customers the additional privilege of ageing their own. One spanking new oak barrel, two bottles of unaged whiskey, 90-180 of your New English days, and there you have your very own oak-mellowed progeny.

We wonder how long before a wealth of brands and suppliers start driving this as a bona fide sub-sector? It’s clearly the next logical step for home dabblers, following on from the movement from well-stocked home bars to DIY syrups, bitters and vermouths. It’s the natural progression too from blending your own pre-aged premium whiskies. Plus, barrel- and bottle-aged cocktails were a key bar trend last year, so bringing that directly into the hands of enthusiastic consumers is surely a no-brainer. After that, the only thing remaining is to set-up your own home micro-still. And yes, we’re already looking into that one too.

Source: Woodinville