Art Beyond The Glass


Bartenders are real people too. Must be something of a micro-movement: just take a look at Alex Kammerling‘s latest endeavours.

It’s also one of the most fascinating aspects of the bar community (as far as we’re concerned). Just look at the manifold pastimes, alternate outputs and official educations of some of the most inspiring alcohol icons out there. Mr Kammerling was a sculptor. Allen Katz’s background was in music. David Wondrich was a bona fide English professor. Peter Dorelli is an honest-to-goodness guru (“When Peter Dorelli stirs a martini, the martini stays in place, and the universe rotates. He’s that good.” – Louis Xavier Smith).

And now, with Art Beyond The Glass, many of the bartenders in LA are getting a chance to flex their creative (and notably non-liquid) muscles. All real bartenders. All real artists.

Source: Art Beyond The Glass
Via: LA Times