Beer Is Good


Beer makes you smart. Fact. (Well, sort-of-fact. More on that in a sec.)

For a little while, Camper English over at Alcademics was doing a marvellous job charting the latest topsy-turvy shifts in booze-related health research. Yesterday a shot of tequila would have killed you, today it’ll cure, tomorrow it’ll no doubt kill again, and the day after that it’ll probably just be made illegal. Those crazy scientist types.

The subject of alcohol and our brains even reared it’s head at the 99% Conference, where author Jonah Lehrer gave an incredible talk on the source of inspiration – citing hot showers and cold beers at the very top of the creativity pyramid. Academic (as opposed to Alcademic) Jennifer Wiley and her peers at the University of Illinois’ Department of Psychology recently put out this paper, titled Uncorking the Muse. It’s absolutely worth a read if you’re feeling smart. And if not, a beer will probably help with any feelings of mental incompetence.

And failing that, well here’s a picture from Frugal Dad to show just how awesome beer is. As if you needed convincing.

Beer Infographic

Source: Frugal Dad
Via: Acquired Taste