Captain Morgan Black Chest


It always comes back to the bar-in-a-box. A cube, a trunk, a sleek carry-case: we’re not that fussed. Call us obsessed, call us infatuated, call us when you have something fabulous in a box.

Which brings us to this launch kit for Captain Morgan’s Black Spiced Rum (a catchy name, non?).

The spiced rum sector just keeps on rolling (despite the consistent argument that we are in the midst of a palate-shift away from a sweet). Does this mean that we’re going to get into a Captain Morgan Black versus Kraken argument? No. Not here. Not today. What we are going to do, however, is give the Cap’n Morgan chaps a slap on the back for this little box o’ tricks.

Designed by the O Group over in NYC, it’s dark, brooding, luxurious enough for the home collector (whiskey stones – and yes, we know it’s apparently destined for a rum, but hey: ‘a stone by any other name’ and all that), with a nod to the cocktail (nice to see the inclusion of Peychaud bitters, for example), and you can’t go wrong with a leather-clad hip flask. Ever. Plus it comes in a tidy-looking chest. Sold.

See: O Group
Via: The Dieline