Constitutions of Cocktails


Things we rather love about this infographic from Brooklyn’s Pop Chart Lab:

1. it’s actually an infographic (as opposed to just being an array of oversized fonts, symbols and vectorized arrows)
2. at first glance it’s as entirely indecipherable as all good sources of information should be, in our humble opinion;
3. it’s about booze – and more importantly the constitution;
4. it took more than a year to create; and
5. it’s frankly rather awesome.

Sure, it might look like a mass of primary coloured capelli d’angelo dumped on a midnight black platter beneath a rather large and diametrally irregular pie. But what you in fact see before you is nothing less than 68 classic cocktails (Negronis, Algonquins, Vieux Carrés, etc.) broken down into their constituent elements, from base spirit, modifier and mixer (in their respective ratios, naturally) right through to garnish and even recommended glassware.

Or, as they put it:

An awesome array of alcohol, our “Constitutions of Classic Cocktails” shows where spirits, mixers, and garnishes intersect to form 68 delightful concoctions.

Sure it’s a tad garish. And certainly would never replace our modest library of classic reference tomes. But it’s a good two-by-three feet in size. It’s signed and printed in a limited run of 1000. It won’t break the bank. It would look particularly impressive once framed. And we’d rather like one. Please and thank you.

Source: Pop Chart Lab