Cuppow & the Audio Jar


Beloved from Williamsburg to Dalston, the humble jar – mason, canning, Ball’s, jam, call it what you will – has more than earned its place on today’s bartop. As the glass of off-the-cuff barbecues, the Midwestern porch-front and modern speakeasy alike, it is simple, practical and best of all wholly democratic.

Forget all that uppity hand-cut crystal tumbler elitism. The mason jar is the everyman of the glass world – from mama’s lemonade to Mint Juleps and Old Fashioneds (not to mention some homemade pickles). Oh, but there’s more…

First, there’s Cuppow, a simple takeaway spout solution for your old mason jar that you never knew you needed. Not only is it a darn sight more attractive than a brown paper bag for curb-side sipping, but it’s quite perfect for Margaritas on-the-go (or, as its makers suggest, an en route iced coffee, should you prefer). While on a different track altogether, take a peek at Sarah Pease’s Audiojar speaker system (apparently based on David Mellis’ open-source Fab Speakers, for those who are into that sort of thing).

From takeout coffee to table-service cocktails and now even a functional music system, with enough of these jars it actually might be possible to build an entire bar from these humble beauties. If only there was a reasonable importer of the Ball’s originals to dear ol’ Blighty, we’d be tempted to try it ourselves.

Source: Sarah Pease
Source: Cuppow