Shanghai Debut Hennessy


Maker Films. That’s how agencies and insight departments refer to them. Maker Films.

Shallow depth of field, sexy-smooth camera pans, haunting soundtrack, close-ups of hand-stitching juxtaposed with abstract machinery, slow focus pulls, craftsmen inspiring with stirring one-liners.

Cars, handmade axes, pizza, jewellery, denim – these are the typical territories of the humble Maker Film. Leica and Hermès (via Jean-Louis Dumas) did it beautifully, for example, with their extremely limited edition M9-P collaboration. “Aesthetic erotica!” a colleague decreed.

And Dustin Lynn’s Nowness short is certainly one of the finer examples of the genre that we’ve seen. Subtle, elegant, beautifully coloured, culturally far-reaching, stretching from old-world Cognac to über-modern Shanghai, and sublimely evocative. Plus it’s all about booze. Which is sort of the liquor-glazed icing on the artistically out-of-focus cake. Click below to watch.

Watch it here: Nowness
Via: Another Something